The Core Work© is a super-charged healing technology that combines applied Quantum Physics, Energy Healing Therapy, and a series of empowering questions that help to identify and transcend the root cause of any physical, mental, and emotional imbalances preventing you from living a happy, healthy and fulfilled life.

The Core Work© method (formerly known as Core Energy Therapy) is a healing technology founded on principles of science and spirituality, creating one of the most effective and comprehensive energy healing systems available today. It is the result of decades of research, trial and practice, and has since supported tens of thousands achieve healing in one or more of the following areas:
  • Physical, emotional and mental well-being and wholeness.
  • Emotional Balance.
  • Physical/weight balance.
  • Financial freedom and abundance.
  • Clearing of addictive behavior.
  • Stress and anxiety.healing.
  • Real self-love and acceptance.
  • Dissolving general trauma and post traumatic stress.
  • Feeling connected to one’s Spirit/The Universe.
  • Joy and happiness (transcending patterns of depression.)
  • Clarity of mind, and knowing one’s purpose.
  • Vitality and vibrancy. Generating lasting energy.
  • Creating healthy and supportive relationships, especially with a romantic soul partner.
  • Awakening self-confidence and self-worth.
  • Internal freedom from self-sabotage.
  • Magnified states of creativity.
  • Identifying less with fear, struggle, victim or lack patterns.
  • And much more.

The Core Work© is potent, and is only for those who are fully ready and committed to healing.

This technology addresses both the practical and spiritual/creative aspect of every person receiving it. It works very quickly, so again one must be ready for the changes it start to bring into their life.

The Core Work© creates a powerful synergy between the left and right hemispheres of the brain, effecting the whole body and auric field to create a full spectrum restoration and healing that can actually be felt within minutes. Most energy based healing modalities tend to be quite esoteric in nature, and that most definitely has its purpose. However, this often results in healings that do no last.

The Core Work addresses every aspect of the mind, body and Spirit, so that nothing is left behind. It also synergizes with one’s natural ability to heal themselves, creating a powerful quantum leap in healing and wholeness to occur quickly and effectively for the recipient.

During a session, the client is also shown how to enter a state of grace and presence, where healing is much more propable because it can occur outside of linear time and space. This is another reason as to why healing happens so quickly.

Through a series of uniquely designed energy infused questions, the recipient’s internal mental thought patterns and stories often keeping them stuck in a holding pattern, are disrupted. This leads to an instant expansion in one’s consciousness so that the root cause of what has been fueling their challenges and blocks is revealed, and then healed. Often, people who have spent years working with other therapies and healing modalities find that in just one or two sessions of receiving The Core Work®, they experience the real and palpable healing and breakthroughs they had always been searching for.

This modality often leaves people feeling astounded, because it’s easy, quick and highly effective. The Core Work© has been researched by and is contuing to be researched by Eastern and holistic Western doctors. The overwhelming consesus so far is that this modality is proving to be one of the most thorough, lasting, balanced and complete energy healing technologies available today, and is being used as a synergetic supplement to Eastern and Western methods of healing. The most amazing part is that it equires nothing foreign to our body, mind and natural state of existence.


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Further Reading

Quantum Science studies show us that the observer (the inner presence within each of us) influences the observed (our individual life experiences) through deliberate thought and emotion. The Law of Attraction is based on the idea that a person’s belief systems and thought patterns create their experiences. When they start living from this conscious awareness, they begin to re-focus their thought patterns in a more positive direction and take responsibility of their lives, no longer living as a victim, but as co-creator.

Although many of us work with positive affirmations, read spiritual books, and find many wonderful tools to work harmoniously with the Law of Attraction, many times we still experience blocks and issues that keep us from living the lives we desire most for ourselves. These blocks can present themselves in any area of relationships, finances, health, inner-happiness, confidence, creativity, career, and so forth.

For example: In our conscious mind, we could believe we are worthy and deserving of having lots of money, yet it doesn’t show up in our lives? Why is this?

Quantum Physics has also found that 90% of our experiences manifest from our subconscious (unconscious) mind, while only 10% manifest from our conscious mind. It has been further stated that the average human consciously only uses 5-6% of their brain at most. So, where are we picking up the limiting and unhealthy belief patterns that are affecting our subconscious mind and manifesting in our physical experience? It can stem from ancestors, the media, personal experience, past lives and traumas. If we are not being mindful, we can pick up these limiting thought patterns and internalize them then project them out as our reality.

Coming back to our example, although we consciously feel we are worthy and deserving of having lots of money, subconsciously we might believe otherwise. This is when The Core Work® can greatly assist! It’s literally cell-deep and can connect us with a reality that feels more in alignment with what we really want to experience more of. Many clients who experience trauma in their lives find this work clears it out like nothing else, because it’s released from the first point of conception. Often, I find the client comes in to address one specific thing, and leaves having transformed so much more than what they came to see me for. It’s an honor for me to witness the sacred healing that often takes place for them.

The Core Work® is developed by Emmanuel Dagher, and will be available as a certification program to non medical healers and therapists in the next few years. If you would like to be notified about this opportunity, please email