Emmanuel Dagher has served as a transformation specialist and holistic healing facilitator for more than 15 years, guiding tens of thousands worldwide to transform their own lives at the molecular level by fully recognizing and instantly transcending the root causes of any physical, mental or emotional blocks and imbalances.

A natural born healer and intuitive, Emmanuel recognized and honed his special skills and gifts while growing up in the war-torn Middle East, where he faced unfathomable challenge and hardship on a daily basis.

It was this experience that inspired and empowered him to devote his life to elevating the consciousness of the planet by helping humanity awaken into remembrance of its divinity.

With a background in psychology and certifications in multiple holistic and alternative healing therapies, Emmanuel’s favorite method for facilitating healing and transformation is his renowned, proprietary The Core Work© Healing Experience.

Developed after decades of research and practice, its origin is based on the core principles of science and spirituality—both eastern and western—and the creative and practical attributes of the right and left brain.

The Core Work Healing Experience targets every aspect of the mind-body-spirit connection, working in harmony with one’s own intuitive and organic ability to heal the self and create quantum leaps of transformation, awareness, and wholeness on the spot.

This proven modality for healing and change has been a staple in all of Emmanuel’s work, including his #1 internationally bestselling books, Easy Breezy Miracle and Easy Breezy Prosperity, the latter of which has been translated into several different languages worldwide.

Emmanuel is also an accomplished singer/producer/musician with an extensive library of energetically and vibrationally-infused musical arrangements that contain unique tonal sounds proven to shift emotional, mental, physical and spiritual blocks that impede one’s capacity to experience a fulfilling, balanced and optimal life.

His natural healing gifts, timeless wisdom, and genuine ability to connect with people from all walks of life—including refugees, celebrities, heads of state, and various local, regional, national and international communities and organizations—have been paramount to his success.

Emmanuel has shared the world stage with renowned luminaries such as Marianne Williamson, Gregg Braden, Neale Donald Walsch, Colette Baron-Reid, Carolyn Myss, Anita Moorjani, Michael Beckwith, Jean Houston and countless other distinguished thought leaders.

He has also gained widespread recognition through his philanthropic work and humanitarian efforts on behalf of refugee women and children.

Emmanuel has spoken and presented at the United Nations, the World Congress on Illumination, multiple international consulates, and countless national and international summits and events that promote peace and healing.


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